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Joyeux blog-anniversaire @nitot ! Ça serait mentir de dire que je te lis depuis 20 ans mais on doit bien s'approcher des 15.

"Le monde des écologistes ne fait pas rêver" : apprendre à réinventer nos rêves pour qu’ils ne tournent pas aux cauchemars.


North Korea hacked him. As a late retaliation, a man in pajamas and slippers took down the country’s Internet.


@bonpoteofficiel "Si la France y va seule, on ne sera plus compétitif et ce sera la ruine". Mais on sous-estime beaucoup l'effet d'entrainement. Au #CERN, une personne a milité pendant deux ans pour avoir un vrai menu #vegan tous les jours. Déjà, elle a fini par l'obtenir, ce qui montre qu'un individu seul a un impact. Mais surtout, les autres organisations internationales (l'ONU, OMS, etc) se sont ensuite senties obligées de suivre, puisque le CERN le proposait.

I need privacy. Not because my actions are questionable, but because your judgement and intentions are.

I'm not a fatalist. Of course, I have my feelings about today, but hopelessness is not one of them. White people have been trying to take us out for a while, and they have failed and instigated their demise in the process.

We do not live in the 50s and 60s, even though old white men and their tokens are trying to legislate like it is. Reactive policy based on hate inherently acknowledges they are
terrified of the direction the world is going and will do everything in their power to stop it.

But the world has changed, and it was and is inevitable. No doubt these hateful fools will fight, but fascism and hate are the best they have, and we see the best they can do.

Keep the pressure up. Keep building community. They don't have any new ideas, so the bulk of their strategy is to attack our hope to make us feel like it's hopeless.

But it's not. Not even close.

I don't know if it as been tooted here but i found this video of a A Swiss wind-up fan from the 1910s. A spring motor provided a light breeze lasting about 30 minutes These were built for tropical countries and areas without electricity.


Question, please boost: I am looking for accounts to follow which focus on African affairs from an African perspective, whether personal accounts by journalist, activists etc., or news portals, independent news outlets as well as sciency ones, political science ones, think tanks etc.

In design, we often strive for minimalism. Adding game feel might require just the opposite: for you, how should behave the world’s most satisfying checkbox ?


FYI: When composing a new #toot, you can now specify its language. Obviously, I've marked this one as 🇬🇧 #English. #mastodon

Si #peertube vous évoque un champ de ruines où se trouve majoritairement le fond de panier de la production vidéo (porno industriel, reupload à la sauvage, vidéos sans intérêt, contenus fascistoïdes), pas de panique, il y a des instances qui valent réellement le détour. En voici une liste non exhaustive susceptible de se rallonger. (thread)

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