Dionne Warwick - Anyone who had a heart, released in 1963.



The Paragons - The tide is high,
released in 1967.

The Paragons is a Jamaican Group. At least 5 other groups/singers have covered the song till now.

🇬🇧 🎵
"Ry Jesoa Mpanjaka Malaza" : Master the tempest is raging... Peace be still

🇫🇷🎵 , Day 18 : a song from the year I was born.

Johnny Halliday - Un diable entouré d'anges. Sorti le jour de ma naissance.

Jour 18 : Une chanson datant de l'année où j'étais né.


🇲🇬 🎵 Hira gasigasy kely. Fa ny anaran'ilay mpihira aloha mampiahihahy ihany. (H)aka zizi hono, tsy mba hanakaikikaiky an'io aho sao lasany any ny zizi-ako.



Le Ragge des Pingouins.


Ceux qui avaient 7 ans quand cette chanson(nette) était sortie en ont maintenant 19.

🇬🇧 Gotta steal from the rich, when they don't know I'm coming; gotta give to the poor, no time for loving.

A little thought about that African prime minister who lost a big amount of money in cash.

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